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Residential Solar

Residential solar is one of the most environmentally and financially beneficial home improvements available today. The sun's rays have no operating or maintenance costs so pre-purchasing the next 25+ years of electricity through a solar installation can be both financially and environmentally beneficial.

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Commercial Solar

Commercial solar combines tax credits, accelerated depreciation and energy savings to add value to your company assets and bottom line. In addition to brand and marketing benefits, you’ll be enjoying positive cash flow in a matter of 4-8 years! Financing options include conventional, PACE and Solar Lease models.

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Community Solar

Community solar projects allow consumers to receive solar energy benefits without installing equipment on their roof or property. Community solar subscribers play a leading role in a statewide effort to integrate solar capacity into our state’s energy mix while lowering their carbon intensity and electrical costs.

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Why Choose TruNorth Solar?

Quality without Compromise

To every last nut and bolt, we will only install materials to last the test of time.

Ethics in Transparency

If we plan to be around as long as your system, it is critical to be upfront about performance predictions and return on investment estimates.

A Holistic Approach

We provide the knowledge and guidance based on total energy management of the property so you can make the best decision for you.

Licensed, Bonded, Insured and Certified

MN Building Contractor #BC639643 NABCEP Certified #041115-011267 Class A Electrical Contractor EA692751

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