About Us

TruNorth Solar –
A Superior Product, From Start to Finish.

TruNorth Solar is a solar installation company in Minnesota specializing in residential, commercial and utility sized PV projects.

With a reputation for integrity and high quality work, TruNorth Solar has comprehensive knowledge of the solar industry and the regulatory structure in which it operates. This allows our team to capitalize on new policies to the benefit of our customers and the environment. Inspired by former Medtronic CEO Bill George and his book True North, TruNorth Solar encourages its employees, partners and clients to set their internal compass toward environmental stewardship.

Our Mission reflects our relentless passion for the stewardship of the planet and our dedication to leadership in creating a cleaner energy future. Marty Morud, TruNorth Solar’s founder, is credited with being a prime mover behind the Minnesota community solar garden law and implementing regulations and tariffs. Marty is trusted by lawmakers, the solar industry community and Xcel Energy. Marty leads the CSG working group through the Minnesota Solar Energy Industry Association (MNSEIA) and also co-leads the Xcel Energy Solar*Rewards working group. ┬áMarty represents the local solar industry at the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (MnPUC), testifying often on behalf of garden developers.

We look forward to serving as your solar expert on your next solar project. Remember, money isn’t all that you’re saving!

Our Team

TruNorth Solar is owned and operated by Marty Morud and was started in 2009. We are built on a strong foundation of substance, character and integrity. TruNorth Solar is also rooted with technical competencies including electrical engineering, communications, and solar construction. We have a wonderful track record of high quality installations, personable customer service and we handle all of the paperwork for assessments, incentives, interconnections, permitting, inspections and commissioning. Our packages are designed to save you money while protecting our precious environment for future generations.