Rosemount, MN 4.8 kW Garage Solar Array

TruNorth Solar teamed up with our Rosemount homeowner to install sixteen 300 watt solar panels atop their South facing garage rooftop to generate an estimated 70% of the family’s electricity use powering computers, washer and dryer, lights, refrigerator, electric heaters and large screen TV! The families new solar array has an estimated 6,319 kW hours first year estimated output, which can be viewed in real time on their SolarEdge Monitor showing each individual solar panel and its current output. The family can watch energy being produced even at night from the sunlight reflected from the moon which then shines down to the solar panels producing electricity. Even the sunlight reflected from the snow will add to the solar system’s energy production.

The game-changing environmental benefits from this Rosemount garage rooftop mounted solar array include producing enough clean energy kW’s to offset the greenhouse gas emissions from burning 6,319 coal lbs. per year, or 10,376 average passenger vehicle miles, or as much carbon as sequestered by 3.57 acres of U.S. forests in one year!

And on the financial side, about half of the total installation cost of this solar system was offset by lifetime solar incentives including $4986. in Federal Solar Tax Credit the first year, and Xcel Solar*Rewards of $4943. over ten years.