What impact will Module Tariffs have in Minnesota?

Posted on: February 27th, 2018 by admin

Discussion: What impact will Module Tariffs have on the Solar Industry in Minnesota?

Lately we’ve been receiving a lot of questions regarding whether or not the new Tariffs will impact pricing and affordability of solar projects. While the expressed intent behind the policy is that it will make US manufacturers more competitive against global manufacturers which may have their costs artificially subsidized, industry advocates worry it may be detrimental to the growth of the industry.

The Solar Energy Industries Association, a national advocacy and education organization, anticipates increased costs for installers and developers, which will ultimately lead to increased costs for solar customers LINK. Of the 38,000 jobs in the US solar manufacturing industry, only 2,000 are linked to panel manufacturing. The tariff could indeed spur new domestic investment, and there are open conversations about how these costs will be absorbed.

For our customers, namely residential solar and commercial solar systems throughout Minnesota, we expect a nominal increase of costs. The exact number is unknown at this time, but we are confident that TruNorth Solar will continue to be able to fulfill it’s Mission in transforming our future energy recipe while delivering both quality and value to our customers.

In anticipation of the disruption TruNorth Solar worked with our partners to secure a limited quantity of pre-tariff solar modules to deliver the best price possible for our customers. If you are interested in a solar project, it is still possible to complete your project at a rate that will avoid any additional costs due to the tariff.

If you are interested in exploring or completing a project in 2018, the best time to act is NOW before prices go up to reflect current market conditions.
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