Xcel Energy Solar Rewards Rebate Program

The Details
Rebate: $0.08 / kWh produced, paid annually for 10 years

Array Size: 20kw-DC or less, and can’t be over 120% of on-site consumption

Have Questions?

The Xcel Solar Energy Rewards program provides a pool of incentives for Xcel customers installing residential solar panels or small commercial solar installation.

The solar power incentive is linked to the amount of solar energy produced over 10 years by the solar panel installation, so the more you produce, the more rebate you receive.

This Solar Rewards incentive is designed to spur more Xcel Energy customers to install solar panel arrays on their home.

It is independent from ‘net metering,’ in which excess electricity generated by a home’s solar panel array is fed back into the the grid and is purchased by Xcel.

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