Eric “Rudy” Morud

Solar Sales Manager

TruNorth Solar Sales Director Eric Morud and his family of 5 made a leap of faith to the emerald isle in June of 2017. With a study abroad program at St. John’s University, Eric had the opportunity to study for a semester at University College Cork (Ireland), which forever changed the course of his life. One month into the program he met future wife, Martina Kelly of Roscommon, and ‘the rest is history’.

Martina emigrated to Minnesota with Eric to build a family and continue her teaching career that landed her at Hill-Murray School teaching art for just over 10 years. While living in the U.S. they were blessed with 3 children, Keelin (8), Livia (5) and Charlie (3). When asked ‘why did you move to Ireland?’, Eric smirks to respond ‘Well, our plan was always to move to Ireland…we just happened to be on the 5 YEAR plan for 13 YEARS!’.

Moving on to new adventures is nothing new to Eric. He was born in Fargo, North Dakota but relocated along with his family 4 times before graduating High School. He sees each move as an opportunity to build new relationships. Ireland is certainly no different on that front and the challenge and opportunity excites Eric greatly. While living in the Twin Cities, Eric built a commercial painting and retrofitting company before selling it to a long time employee turned business partner, Brett Janzen. With that company left in great hands, Eric Morud then joined his brother’s TruNorth Solar team in November of 2017. Eric travels to the states often and works remotely to work with the TruNorth Solar sales team to meet their goals and “Together, Realize Potentials”.

Eric loves organizations and uses his communications skills to really get to know his team.
And when the opportunity arises he is glad to share stories about the many interesting things that have happened in his life…..such as when he was 6 years old he kissed Shamu the killer whale, and he was 4 feet away from Pope John II without the glass case, and he was in London when the Queen Mum died and he lost 86 pounds in 83 days to win the LifeTime Fitness Fan Favorite Weight Loss Challenge. Glad to have you on the TruNorth Solar team Eric!