Joseph Beck

Solar Designer

Joseph Beck is an incredibly intelligent, hilarious yet soulful member of the TruNorth Solar DIPP team. Joseph has experience with the solar installation and construction teams but currently specializes in the D of DIPP, (Design Interconnection Permitting Procurement).

His co-workers describe him as eccentric in all the right ways, abundant in dry-witty humour that is second to none. There is no dull moment when Joseph is in the house!!!

Prior to joining TruNorth Solar in Arden Hills, Minnesota, Joseph earned an Environmental Studies degree with a focus in Geography at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul. Out of college he worked as an inspector and assessor of public and civic property.

This background fits well with his keen interest in urban planning, which led him to solar. This enthusiasm includes things like public policy, transportation, water treatment, natural resources, park planning and of course the energy grid. Joseph loves to see how it all comes together in efficient, ecologically friendly and innovative ways.

This eventually led him to solar. He sees each solar installation project as an opportunity to make a difference to not only the environment but the entire ecosystem. In their own way, each house gains a piece of sovereignty over the energy required to run their daily lives. As well it contributes to the energy needs of society by pulling less and giving back when able. Harnessing the power of the sun in a safe manner is also a key consideration in the way he goes about design, he does not take this concern lightly. Bad design…bad things could happen, no different than most construction.

Joseph loves heavy metal, playing the bass, reading comic books (especially the Hell Boy series!) and chit-chatting about dogs.

Not only comedy, Señor Beck is also fluent in Spanish. He is a delight to work with and a very much appreciated member of the entire TruNorth Solar team.