Will Gustafson

Solar Intern

Will Gustafson is a Solar Design Intern at TruNorth Solar. He works with our TruNorth Solar Design, Interconnection, Procurement and Permitting Department (D.I.P.P.) each day, soaking in electrical line analysis, solar design and site mapping work. This interaction with the D.I.P.P. team allows Will to understand how they collaborate and streamline the solar design and permitting process.

Will recently graduated from St. Olaf College with a BA in physics and math. In some of his materials classes he studied solar electricity and renewable energy. Working at TruNorth Solar gives Will the ability to experience hands on these principles learned in class.

Next year he will be attending UIUC to pursue a PhD in Mechanical Engineering with a materials and sustainability focus. Will says he hopes to eventually end up in the renewable energy field with solar a top contender for where he will put his career energies.

And in his free time Will likes doing all things outdoors, especially canoeing, fishing, and playing baseball.
He has run community baseball programs as well as coached youth baseball.
We are thrilled to have Will as our Summer Intern and appreciate his dedication and enthusiasm as part of the TruNorth Solar Team!